Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso (Chania)

Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso: Beautiful as a Greek
Co-curated by Dr Megakles Rogakos and Ioannis N. Arhontakis
Municipal Library of Chania, 2 October 2018 – 30 March 2019


CHANIA.— The Municipal Library of Chania, in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania – Olivepress, presents the Ney Matogrosso: Beautiful as a Greek – The Greek Mythology inspires a Revolutionary exhibition by Alkistis Michaelidou, co-curated by Dr Megakles Rogakos and Ioannis N. Arhontakis. This exhibition follows from an earlier more complete version, entitled “Ney Matogrosso – A Primordial Revolutionary”, hosted by the Casa do Brasil of the Embassy of Brazil in Athens, 18 April – 25 May 2018.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Tuesday, 2 October 2018, at 20:30 at the Municipal Library of Chania, Crete. The exhibition will remain open to the public until 30 March 2019 with free admission.

Art historian and exhibition curator Dr Rogakos notes in the accompanying catalogue: “For Michaelidou, Ney is an emblematic figure, a man-symbol of liberty, and a lone revolutionary who, through art, has claimed individual liberties. He truly liberates and boldly defends whatever is most real and genuine within man. He has self-imposed principles and a high sense of justice. On this basis he made his life and art an unbroken unity. He has an ability to interact with the audience, even of a different culture and language, and penetrate into its psychology. Michaelidou recognises, «without knowing him or his language I could feel all his messages, activated slowly within me». So strong and clear is his art. In addition, with his ability of masquerading and transformation, he awakened within her archetypal imagesand elements of Greek mythology.”

The title of the exhibition is inspired by a poem by the prominent Greek poet Nikos Engonopoulos (1907-1985) from his poem, Bolivar (1942-1943), which refers to the conquest of freedom in Latin America. The co-curator of the exhibition, Ioannis N. Arhontakis, notes that besides the fact that Michaelidou is native to Crete, the subject of the exhibition has a special appeal to Cretan art lovers. Ney Matogroso, who strongly defends the poor, the sexual liberation, the jungle animals and the environment, is a great example to be imitated. As Crete has raised great historical revolutionaries, it could also be said that Ney is beautiful also as a Cretan.

Completing 10 years (2008-2018) of active cultural presence, the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania – Olivepress presents a series of 10 visual exhibitions in its annual visual arts program for 2018 with an anniversary character and a spirit of extroversion. The aim is to present the contemporary art of the last 20 years in new correlations and visual combinations of exploration. In addition to the extrovert mood, exhibitions outside the Greek border will be presented in collaboration with similar institutions abroad aiming at the promotion of modern Greek art in dialogue with the world’s visual arts by presenting the highly active modern Greek art scene. The exhibition of Alkistis Michaelidou is part of the festive program “2008-2018: 10 Years of Contemporary Art Museum of Chania – Olivepress” and is co-organised by the Region of Crete, the District of Chania, the Municipality of Chania, the Municipality of Platanias, the Municipal Library of Chania and the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania – Olivepress. The exhibition will run from 2 October 2018 through 30 March 2019. Open from Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00 and Monday and Thursday 18:00-20:00 with free admission.


Public Information

Exhibition: Alkistis Michaelidou “Ney Matogroso: Beautiful as a Greek”
Co-curated by Dr Megakles Rogakos and Ioannis N. Arhontakis
Venue: Municipal Library of Chania, 30 Ypsilandon Street, Chania, Crete, GR 73135
Opening: Tuesday, 2 October 2018, at 19:30
Duration: 2 October 2018 30 March 2019
Operation: Monday to Saturday 10:00-13:00, Monday and Thursday 18:00-20:00
Communication: Vivi Choudalaki, +30 28210 58500 (ext. 177),,


Alkistis Michaelidou was born in Crete in 1959 and studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts with painters Yannis Moralis and Dimitris Mytaras, and Pavlos Christodoulides in the art of art. According to historian Antonis Kotidis, “Michaelidou is among the most important representatives of the 2000-2010 decade”. For her visual work she received awards and distinctions in the 4th, 6thand 7thInternational Biennial of Drawing, Pilsen, Czech Republic (2004, 2008 nd 2010). She participated in two Cinema Festivals and designed the covers of 15 books. She presented her work in five personal exhibitions and in 38 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Her works are kept in institutions, museums and private collections inside and outside Greece. She lives and works in Athens.

Ney de Souza Pereira, known as Ney Matogrosso, is a famous Brazilian activist, singer, dancer, actor and director, with 45 years of artistic presence. A revolutionary, subversive and advocate of freedom, a former hippie, he is recognised as one of the most important figures in his country’s artistic scene, not only Brazil, but the whole of Latin America with a global reach. The Montreux Festival, in 1983, boosted his artistic reputation and he was awarded the Latin Grammy in 2014. He lives, creates and works in Rio de Janeiro.

The Municipal Library of Chania was founded in 1953 in the mayoralty of Nicholas Skoulas and is housed in 800 m² on the 1stfloor of the Town Hall in the centre of the city of Chania. It includes reading rooms, bookstores, recording workshops, meeting rooms, interactive projection sites, online communication offices and special collection rooms. Its collections of books include about 80,000 volumes and in addition to the printed material include audio-visual material, rare photographs, old maps and works of modern art. It is one of the largest and most remarkable Municipal Libraries in Greece and its collections have been developed and are constantly enriched with purchases and donations. A special part of the collection are the books of local interest that is exhaustively updated with all the publications concerning Crete. Of particular historical value is the personal library of Eleftherios Venizelos that includes 8,500 books and is housed in a special room with museum specifications.

The Olivepress – Art Factory non-profit cultural organisation was created in order to save the Old Olivepress of the Agricultural Co-operative of Zymbragou from desolation and disappearance. The goal is to house cultural events in its premises, transforming it to a place of memory and a field of action in the island’s inland terrain. The building of the Old Olivepress consists of the central building nucleus constructed of stonework during the 1920s and of wings – satellites constructed during successive building stages until the 1970s. In 1980 ended its operation as an olivepress and was left to fall to pieces. During its reconstruction the aim was to preserve the initial materials of the building along with its authentic technological equipment with the fewest possible interventions. The mechanical equipment of the olivepress is of Greek make (!) from the early 1960s and has been preserved as a point of memory and reference to the original functions of the space. Today the Olivepress – Art Factory is a multidimensional cultural organisation. It is composed of the “Visual Art Gallery of Chania”, which aims to organise educational programs and the presentation of periodical art exhibitions, and the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania, whose aim is to preserve, present and promote the permanent collections of the Olivepress and the promotion along with the study of the interactive approaches of Contemporary Art with Man. In parallel with the “Contemporary Art Museum of Chania – Olivepress”, six major programs of Communication, Collaboration, Development and Culture are pursued: 1. The Path of Museums; 2. The Cycle of the Gorges; 3. CHANIaRT – Visual Routes in the Prefecture Chania; 4. Art & Wine – Wineries of Western Crete support Culture; 5. Olivepress Art Residency; and 6. The Podium of Art. The old olivepress, which was reborn as Art Factory, is located in the village of Dromonero, 33 km southwest of the city of Chania (30 minutes by car), on the road leading to the picturesque fishing village of the Libyan Sea with its magical beaches, Paleochora.


Exhibition Aspects


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #01


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #02


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #03


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #04


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #05


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #06


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #07


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #08


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #09


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #10


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #11


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #12


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #13


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #14


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #15


Alkistis Michaelidou – Ney Matogrosso #16